Meet Parker. He's 2 years old and shredding!

We spoke to Parker's mum, Taryn, to learn a bit more about his journey with the Ookkie. Here's what she had to say.

What was your reason for getting an Ookkie?

Provide opportunities for Parker to develop coordination and balance, and a love of being active outdoors.

Describe the learning experience on the Ookkie for us.

Smooth, easy and fun. Parker was up and going pretty much straight away. It is also a safe experience given i can control the speed he travels.

Do you get any comments when you're out and about riding the board?

A lot! Many people ask what it is called, and where to get one. They comment on how cool it is and how amazing Parker is on it.

How has the Ookkie helped your little one in their development?

Improved balance and coordination. Exploring different skills, for example lifting one foot off, crouching down low and then standing up.

How has the Ookkie become a part of your family life and routine?

Mother and son quality time at the skate park and also walking along the beachfront. It lives in the back of the car so we can have Ookkie time anywhere.

Where can readers follow along with Parker's journey?

On Instagram @rosebud_blue_staffy