We’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions to give you an answer faster. If there’s anything you can’t find here, you can contact us and we’ll get you sorted!

Using Ookkie

We suggest a minimum age of 2 years old and up.

The major factor in using the ookkie is determined by weight (20kg max), as we have specifically designed the ookkie for an average starting age of 2. If your child is under, or up to this weight, they will be good to roll.

The maximum weight of a rider is 20kg. Adhering to this weight limit is important as damage will occur if heavier riders are engaged. Any damage caused to the ookkie due to use over 20kg is not covered under warranty.

As each child develops their balance and coordination at a different rate, parental discretion is paramount to the decision on whether to let your child roll solo. The ookkie has been created to make learning to skate safer, not to endanger or push young riders beyond their capabilities. Young riders should always be under direct adult supervision and only when the adult is 100% confident, should the next stage be considered.

Completely normal at first. Although the ookkie is the safest way for little riders to learn, it is still a new and different process. Confidence on the board should increase with practice. Having the parent assisted handle means that you can be actively involved in helping the process be a fun one. Be patient and enjoy watching them progress, helping them get better and gain confidence is the best part!

It is mandatory that only 1 rider be engaged on the ookkie at any one time.

Helmet - One size fits all, adjustable from 48cm to 52cm.
X Small Pads - Suitable for 2-3 years old.
Small Pads - Suitable for 4-6 years old.

Please refer to our returns policy.

Riding Stages

With two adjustable handles an upper and lower, this phase allows the parent to utilize the upper handle to control both speed and direction whilst the lower handle adds a point of contact for the rider to hold. This lower handle significantly increases stability and allows the rider to develop the fundamentals of skateboarding.

Having mastered the basics in the beginners phase, the board now transitions with child to the next level. The upper handle can be removed leaving the lower the handle for the rider to take control. As confidence grows the rider can let go of the handle when they feel stable enough to do so yet it remains there for support if needed.

Having graduated from the previous stage both handles are now fully removed and the rider is armed with all necessary skills to take it to the next level. They have developed their balance and coordination to the point where they can confidently skate unassisted and start focusing on trying to master more complicated maneuvers.

Ookkie Pro Details

When you purchase an Ookkie, you will receive all parts that allow for four riding options, as shown on our website. Additional safety gear can be purchased from our shop separately if required.

The only part that will require assembly is attaching the child support handle. This will require a 2.5mm hex key (allen key).

Yes, we designed all the handles on the Ookkie to be height adjustable ensuing children of all heights will be comfortable learning on our skateboard.

Yes! The trucks and wheel bearings are universal which means you will be able to modify/change these parts. We will not however, cover any damage which occurs whilst modifying or changing parts.

We don’t recommend leaving your ookkie in the elements. Although it has been built with premium materials, it still needs to be stored inside and out of the weather. Damaged caused by leaving your ookkie in the elements will impact the ability to claim under warranty.

We have chosen four colours for the Ookkie, we hope you like them. We currently do not offer custom colours for the Ookkie, but are open to suggestions about what colours you would like to see the Ookkie in. Let us know what you think!

We have engineered and built the Ookkie using premium materials which are UV stabilised and incredibly tough. However, we do recommend you store the Ookkie out of the elements when not in use.

The wheels we use are 60mm Diameter x 45mm wide Polyurethane Cruisers.

Plastic, Rubber, Steel and Aluminium.